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Key to keep the language clean and healthy

Key to keep the language clean and healthy

As I mentioned in previous posts to the blog, language is an essential part of your mouth and therefore, If you want to keep it perfect, You must pay special attention. Have a dirty tongue causes bad breath since slots make the bacteria to build up. In this post, We tell you how to become a comprehensive cleaning of this important part of your body and that, Sometimes, is mobile. First of all you should know that half of bacteria in your mouth that live in your language, therefore, If notes that changes color, There is a suspicious layer or you have pain, do not hesitate to visit us.

Choose a good instrument

There are different instruments but dental scrapers are the most common. There is research showing that scraping and brushing the tongue will help reduce plaque. That Yes, You should know that there are already toothbrushes that have integrated scrapers. In fact, It is recommended that you put a drop of toothpaste to help the Elimination of bacteria.

It extends your language

It is important that you do it to get to each and every one of the parties. In addition, to fully extended, avoid possible nausea. You should scrape it from the rear towards the front repeatedly. You have to do the cleaning gently, don't do it harshly or cause even more slots in the language.

Two times a day

We recommend to do it twice a day along with regular brushing and, above all, the first of them nothing more get up before eating or drinking. Make sure you wash the instrument well and take your time, no hurry.

Rinse your mouth

It is important that you use a mouthwash to remove all residue that is loose and can freshen your breath at the end. Do not use one that has alcohol since it causes dryness.

After performing this routine and you will notice your tongue far more healthy and clean. In addition, It will help you to prevent the white tongue and have a fresh breath.


How to combat tooth sensitivity

How to combat tooth sensitivity

Summer is approaching and with it cold drinks and ice cream. Pregnancy 25%-30% the population suffer dental sensitivity so it is a fairly common problem. Normally the teeth that are most affected are the canines and premolars but, in severe cases, You can switch to the lower incisors and molars. Usually affects more women than men and is manifested in people between 20 and 40 years old.

Oral tooth sensitivity is in the intense and transient pain caused by exposure of the dentin to an external stimulus such as cold, heat, acid, sweets or directly, touch the tooth pressure.

But, What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

First of all, and the most likely, the error in the daily brushing. Do so much, with strength and using the Brush hardness is excessive for our enamel, can finish it eroded and thus reaching this dental problem.

Second, gingivitis. To inflame the gums, the teeth are more sensitive and increases the exposure of dentin. This can lead us to the cause of the tooth sensitivity.

And, in third place, bruxism, to clench and grind your teeth creates wear and with it comes the dental problem.

How to fight dental sensitivity?

There are several options to relieve the tooth sensitivity. The most important, you make a good daily oral hygiene with the toothpaste for sensitive teeth to help your enamel to protect themselves from external stimuli.

You should also use a specialized in delicate enamel brush with soft bristles. Do it slowly, carefully without making any more pressure than you really need. It avoids the use of sticks, cutting teeth with dental floss or smoking. And, Finally, It controls the foods that you take such as acids or drinks and food hot or very cold.

Come see us

If you follow all these tips still noticing tooth sensitivity come see us. You will make a diagnosis on what is really happening and will seek solutions with you to relieve tooth sensitivity. We are sure that with a series of guidelines, the situation improves and we can fight it.

It is usually temporary and comes down rapidly but, It can happen that sometimes it states the case and need a more specialized dental treatment. Any questions you may have regarding this do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help you to prevent tooth sensitivity.



World of Dental Health Day

World of Dental Health Day

As each 20 March from 2013 becomes the World Health Day. He was born with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of a good dental health and its relationship with the general health and well-being. For the time being, is promoted by dental associations in more of 140 countries around the world.

This day was originally celebrated the 12 of September because that was the date of the birth of the Dr. Charles Godon, founder of the International Federation of dentists. But, the campaign was not fully activated up to 2013 and in the General Assembly decided to change the day that does not coincide with the World Dental Congress.

What is the importance of dental health?

From very small there is to perform checkups dental and, for this reason, so important is the children's dental health. Regularly attend reviews is important to catch good dental health habits.

Not maintaining a proper oral hygiene can create serious problems in general health. In fact, consume foods that enhance dental health te help, not only to maintain a perfect smile, but also, to prevent other more serious diseases.

The clinics of health dental, including of course the our, We are committed to the objective of this day which not is other than maintain healthy dental habits so, to the come to see us, the diagnosis of your health dental is completely positive.

Is possible that not is be aware of the problems that can cause not have a correct hygiene, for this reason, a good education for dental health and follow the advice that we give is the most important thing you get to have a hundred per cent perfect mouth.

What I have to do??

As you have said on this blog, the important thing is to perform at least two reviews per year, wash is them teeth after each meal and occupy you both of your teeth as of the rest of your mouth to avoid them bacteria that can be. If you think have a problem more seriously not dudes in coming to see us for to examine you. After that, We will make the most accurate diagnosis and we will find the most appropriate solution for your case. For us, most importantly, you feel a healthy and perfect smile.

We hope to see you very soon!!



My dentures moves

My dentures moves

Dental implants in recent years have gained ground to the dentures false removable. Although dentures adhesives have improved, the truth is that some of them may seem loose. In fact, It is very embarrassing time of being in a social event and that is released.

With the passage of time the dentures can drop due to age and wear and tear of daily use. A poorly fitting denture is not nice. For this reason, If notes that moves your teeth, You must soon come to see us to avoid concerns.

The advantages of dental implants dentures are many. Possibly, the most important thing is that the topic of implants, the end result is more like a natural teeth.

In case of using a denture false fixed the patient will notice big improvements. For example, they will help you to speak better, they will be more comfortable, best masticarás, you will have a better dental health, you will increase your self-esteem and they will last you longer.

What are the solutions to avoid that is move the teeth false??

Although there are adhesives for dentures, We recommend that you go to the clinic to explain two treatments to be considered.

On the one hand, the about dentures on implants. It's dentures and can be placed two to four implants. And, On the other hand, dental implants. In this way you can restore the natural appearance of the teeth, that the patient has more confidence and improve the aesthetics. They are artificial roots that allow to replace a natural tooth lost without having to wear the existing teeth. Held in a personalized way so the customer note teeth as if they were his own. Like this, they can last for years.

First of all, will be placed the implant with a painless procedure. In some cases, teeth are put on the same day or but will take place in days. The healing period normally lasts three to four months, Although it depends on the number of parts to replace. Finally, Once the period of healing, will be the final prosthesis.

What is the best solution for my??

It depends on. To be able to advise you We have to make a precise diagnosis about your case. Each patient is a world and each case also. That Yes, What is required is to organize a visit with us if you notice that your teeth move. This fact may cause serious problems in the rest of your wedding, both gums and teeth.


Dental health and sport

Dental health and sport

The sport is health. We can not ignore that the two concepts are linked since sport is beneficial to health but, did you know that also influences oral health sport? Health is a whole and your mouth is part of you. There are several international studies that defend people who practice sport to have less less risk of developing diseases such as bruxism, diabetes or periodontitis.

How to have a good dental health

In the same way that good dental health has a positive influence on the athlete, in the opposite case, having a bad care, It affects negatively and reduces athletic performance. In fact, the University College of London, It conducted a study that examined the mouth of eight soccer teams from England and a 77% suffering from gingivitis and a 80% irreversible periodontitis, nearly four out of ten suffered from decay and more than half, dental erosion. This, It affected both his personal life and the sport.

Dental health problems more common in athletes are dislocations, Dental erosions and injuries, above all, in the contact like boxing or martial arts athletes. The benefits of sport are many, but pay attention to dental health is also essential. But, What is the importance of dental health? In the wellbeing of your body, it is essential.

The main factors that influence negatively on dental health and therefore, in sports performance, they are clear, poor hygiene, lack of reviews, stress and diet. The solutions are very simple, It is enough to have a good dental hygiene, make at least two reviews per year and brush your teeth and floss after every meal.

The benefits of good dental health clinic Dental sole

Come see us and tell us your story. Sport practice, under what conditions and see the State of your teeth and your mouth. In the case in which we see something that is not correct, We will proceed to make the appropriate treatment. We already know that you train hard but sure to find some time to come and visit us. At clínica Dental Sole you will find the best solution to make your sporty advantage full, physically both your health and now know that also… dental health is important! Come see us.

We will see!


How to eliminate bad breath?

How to avoid bad breath

Yes suffer (or do you think that you suffer) of bad breath, Today we give you some tips to prevent and delete it. Notes!

Oral hygiene, What more important!!

Most of the cases of halitosis disappear when performing a proper hygiene. Brush your teeth, gums and tongue at least twice a day. Also to visit us once a year long. We will see!

Careful with what you eat!

You know, garlic, Onion, coffee... Are not good allies of bad breath. You try to control your intake. And yes, tobacco also enters the list and is one of the most harmful!

It produces saliva

Dry and fibrous foods (fruit dry, cookies...) that are attached to the palate do not help your breath. On the other hand, foods with citric acid (oranges, tangerines, lemon...) They help to stimulate salivary secretion.

Relax! Eat slowly!

We know that we live in a hurry, Sometimes, or we stop chewing! But, did you know that a good chewing avoids food fermentation?


Toothbrush electric or manual?

There are many options that you have and, sure that, on more than one occasion, you have been thinking about what is best for you. Can we help you?

cepillo-electrico - clinic-dental-sole

All are advantages, aim!

The first, and most importantly, It is that they help reduce bacterial plaque. In addition, risk of damage to the tooth is less since they have controlled pressure.

You get tired less

Yes, Yes. It will seem silly, but there are studies that show that people who use electric toothbrushes are among a 20 and a 40% more time brushing teeth. We are a little bit comfortable in dental hygiene. All that provide us with life, We love it!

Control your time

There are cutting-edge toothbrushes that have time. Two minutes, that is the time needed to make your mouth perfect. Wait for the beep!

The manual is needed sometimes...

After surgery with dots or brackets. In these cases it is best to use a manual toothbrush to make it more gently. Ah! And for the children we also recommend it you only by a fact, create habit! In addition, sure that the manuals are much more fun than the electrical.

So now you know, choice is yours! From CND we are committed to the electrical, your head will help you to have a more thorough cleaning. That Yes, choose which choose, but, ALWAYS, two times a day, and for two minutes!


My hij @ is afraid of the dentist...


Is this your case? It is thus, attentive @ because you give some advice to avoid this to happen.

Fear not goals you

"If you eat sweets will have to go to the dentist". Sounds? Sometimes are the same parents who pass this fear and ell@s believe that we are very bad and we assure you that we are good! Speak well of us.

Yes, a bit of responsibility is never wrong

If from very small @ knows that cleaning is well the teeth each day is important, safe so when going to the dentist is less traumatic. You know that is very positive for him / her.

Take it from small @ and everything will be easier!

From one year is the ideal time for your carry your child @ the dentist. Like this, you will see it as a custom and insurance that does not catch the temper tantrums on the following occasions.

No we are going to do harm!

Dentists are not bad film. Make sure your hij @ know that come to see us is good for your teeth.

In CDS we care that come to see us is not a bad thing for the younger members of the family (not for adults). Try to be a visit fun. We will see Solet!


Tips for having a perfect oral hygiene

CDS as wash it well the teeth

Take care of your teeth is very important. Create a routine and read these basic tips you give!! Attentive @!!

Bet all at two: two minutes, two times a day

In the morning and in the evening and, as a least, for two minutes. In this way you get to reach all parts of the mouth. Ah! Remember to brush your teeth back to prevent scale formation.

Do this after 30 minutes...

Yes, Yes, It is not recommended to brush the teeth just after eating. Did you know it? When you finish expected at least 30 minutes to leave your mouth to remove as much acid as possible, that is the cause of the bad breath. No hurry!

Fluorine, Yes or no?

Yes, definitely Yes. Fluoride protects the enamel and makes it less likely to go to decay. In fact, the pasta dental with little fluoride are totally ineffective to protect your teeth. Attach you to the buy your toothpaste!!

Do not forget the thread and the rinse mouth!!

Flossing is essential to reach the area between your teeth and have a better cleaning of your mouth. In addition, If it complement with the rinse mouth the result will be much better.

The language is as important as your teeth... remember you of it!!

Take a brush or use a cleaner of language. In the surface of the language decide to stay are many bacteria that not harmful for your mouth. Dedicate you the time necessary to.

Remember it more important: create a routine, devotes at least 5 minutes to your hygiene oral and, If you can not come to see us every six months which is the recommended, make it at least one time year to prevent disease in your mouth. You sign up to these tips??


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