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How to combat tooth sensitivity

How to combat tooth sensitivity

Summer is approaching and with it cold drinks and ice cream. Pregnancy 25%-30% the population suffer dental sensitivity so it is a fairly common problem. Normally the teeth that are most affected are the canines and premolars but, in severe cases, You can switch to the lower incisors and molars. Usually affects more women than men and is manifested in people between 20 and 40 years old.

Oral tooth sensitivity is in the intense and transient pain caused by exposure of the dentin to an external stimulus such as cold, heat, acid, sweets or directly, touch the tooth pressure.

But, What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

First of all, and the most likely, the error in the daily brushing. Do so much, with strength and using the Brush hardness is excessive for our enamel, can finish it eroded and thus reaching this dental problem.

Second, gingivitis. To inflame the gums, the teeth are more sensitive and increases the exposure of dentin. This can lead us to the cause of the tooth sensitivity.

And, in third place, bruxism, to clench and grind your teeth creates wear and with it comes the dental problem.

How to fight dental sensitivity?

There are several options to relieve the tooth sensitivity. The most important, you make a good daily oral hygiene with the toothpaste for sensitive teeth to help your enamel to protect themselves from external stimuli.

You should also use a specialized in delicate enamel brush with soft bristles. Do it slowly, carefully without making any more pressure than you really need. It avoids the use of sticks, cutting teeth with dental floss or smoking. And, Finally, It controls the foods that you take such as acids or drinks and food hot or very cold.

Come see us

If you follow all these tips still noticing tooth sensitivity come see us. You will make a diagnosis on what is really happening and will seek solutions with you to relieve tooth sensitivity. We are sure that with a series of guidelines, the situation improves and we can fight it.

It is usually temporary and comes down rapidly but, It can happen that sometimes it states the case and need a more specialized dental treatment. Any questions you may have regarding this do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help you to prevent tooth sensitivity.


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