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Key to keep the language clean and healthy

Key to keep the language clean and healthy

As I mentioned in previous posts to the blog, language is an essential part of your mouth and therefore, If you want to keep it perfect, You must pay special attention. Have a dirty tongue causes bad breath since slots make the bacteria to build up. In this post, We tell you how to become a comprehensive cleaning of this important part of your body and that, Sometimes, is mobile. First of all you should know that half of bacteria in your mouth that live in your language, therefore, If notes that changes color, There is a suspicious layer or you have pain, do not hesitate to visit us.

Choose a good instrument

There are different instruments but dental scrapers are the most common. There is research showing that scraping and brushing the tongue will help reduce plaque. That Yes, You should know that there are already toothbrushes that have integrated scrapers. In fact, It is recommended that you put a drop of toothpaste to help the Elimination of bacteria.

It extends your language

It is important that you do it to get to each and every one of the parties. In addition, to fully extended, avoid possible nausea. You should scrape it from the rear towards the front repeatedly. You have to do the cleaning gently, don't do it harshly or cause even more slots in the language.

Two times a day

We recommend to do it twice a day along with regular brushing and, above all, the first of them nothing more get up before eating or drinking. Make sure you wash the instrument well and take your time, no hurry.

Rinse your mouth

It is important that you use a mouthwash to remove all residue that is loose and can freshen your breath at the end. Do not use one that has alcohol since it causes dryness.

After performing this routine and you will notice your tongue far more healthy and clean. In addition, It will help you to prevent the white tongue and have a fresh breath.

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