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Are you tired of dental adhesives? Discover the overdenture"

Are you tired of dental adhesives? Discover the overdenture"

Wearing dental adhesives has a number of disadvantages. They not only alter the taste of food, but also cause pain in the gum and its constant movement difficults speech. As a result, we feel more insecure about expressing ourselves and we have to limit our diet due to the difficulty of chewing.

If this is your case you should know that you are not alone: more than 240 millions of people in the world are partially or fully edentulous. Many of these people, they have already found a better solution to adhesives: the dental implants. These are nowadays, the first choice of treatment to face teeth loss.

It is made of small titanium screws that are placed in both upper and lower jaw bone. These “artificial roots” are integrated within a period of time so that we can restore the lost teeht on them, acting as if they were natural teeth. They are suitable for anyone who has lost one or more teeth.

For those patients with a total or almost total loss, complete prosthesis retained with implants are recommended for some time, what is known as overdenture. A long experience in this field allows us to say that it is the recommended option for a predictable success.

Which are its benefits?

After the loss of teeth and a few years with a denture, the jaw bone is impaired because of the constant pressure that receives when chewing and the prostheses start to move. A process that continues until the jaws are completely flat and without retention. With implants and the overdenture, this problem disappears. Let's look at the advantages:

  1. Prevent bone loss: they continue stimulating the jaw when eating or biting just like natural teeth would, avoiding the loss of bone mass.
  2. Improve the quality of life: overdentures reduce or eliminate the annoying movement of the prosthesis, resulting in a positive impact on the health and self-confidence.
  3. You can eat anything you want: the stability of the prosthesis will allow you to eat with more strength and security regardless of the consistency of the food.
  4. They allow you to say goodbye to adhesives: That means saving money and forgetting about taste alterations, in addition to other problems.

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