Roncopatias and sleep apnea

Do you chronically snore? Let's solve it.

The chronic snoring occurs during sleep and affects the daily life of the patient. As long as the patient suffers from it, this disorder can cause labour or traffic accidents as a consequence of sleepiness.

What does "snoring" mean?

Oral is associated with people who snore, i.e., who suffer from a formation of turbulences of air in their respiratory system, which results in making sounds. When this disorder remains steadily for more than three months, it's considered chronic snoring, and when it exceeds the year we can state that the snoring is fully established.

The risks associated to chronic snoring may vary depending on the habits of each patient, such as drinking alcohol or smoking, but what there is no doubt of, is the serious risks of cardiovascular and hypertension problems which are linked to this disorder. Beyond the annoying noise, snoring is a symptom of something more dangerous to our health, the Sleep Apnea.

It's a complete or incomplete obstruction of the upper airway during sleep causing a deficiency of oxygen in the blood. This situation generates a series of very important symptoms like generalized fatigue, hyper daytime sleepiness, memory loss and changes in mood, impotence and a long etcetera which affects the personal, labour and social life of the individual.

Oral Orthoapnea ®, the most effective treatment

Sleep apnea is treated with lifestyle changes, oral devices to relieve mild symptoms, respiratory devices and surgery from moderate to severe cases. No medicines are usually used within the treatment of this disease.

In Clinica Dental Solé We offer the OrthoApnea® device, a revolutionary intraoral prosthesis that constitutes the more comfortable, easy and effective alternative for the treatment of snoring and mild Sleep Apnea.

Intra-oral splints change the position of the mandible, tongue and structures ensuring that the airway is free of blockages during the sleep.

Make changes in your lifestyle

If you suffer from mild Sleep Apnea, changing some of your habits may be the only treatment you need, so we advise you to:

  • Avoid alcohol and medicines that produce sleepiness, so you will get to have a more clear throat at night.
  • Try to lose weight, if you suffer from overweight or obesity. A weight reduction, no matter how slight it is, will help you reduce the symptoms.
  • Try to sleep on one of your sides instead of sleeping up to keep cleared throat. You can use special pads or shirts that prevent you from sleeping on your back.
  • Keep your nasal passages empty at night with nasal spray or allergy medicines, if you need so. Ask your doctor whether these treatmens may be useful for you.
  • If you smoke, you should stop doing so. We recommend you to ask your doctor about some information and products that may help you kick the habit.

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