Intraoral scanner

The Intraoral Scanner TRIOS 3Shape® is the pioneer in digital printing.

Its career in recent years has made it one of the highest quality benchmarks in the digital world.
For two years we have implanted in the clinic this revolutionary system that has changed the lives of both us and our patients.

Thanks to TRIOS 3Shape® we can make impressions of your teeth precisely and quickly unmatched quality and especially comfortable for our patients. Thus we avoid the use of printing pastes so annoying and distressing especially for those patients with a very marked gag reflex.

Together with the digitization of intraoral images and CAD/CAM technology, we offer our patients the highest quality results available today.

Although there are certain limitations in treatments where we cannot use the intraoral scanner, digital dentistry and Workflow, are two important props in our daily life and that of our patients.