Pediatric Dentistry

Little smiles that we help to grow

Children also have a place in our clinic.

Pediatric dentistry is an absolutely necessary specialty in a comprehensive family clinic. Dr. Sandra Sáez, professor of pediatric dentistry at the International University of Catalonia, is responsible for our children’s space “Petits Solets“. A kids friendly space where our little ones feel good and safe. Because taking care of the teeth can be a positive experience.

It’s important that from a young age we teach them not to be afraid of the dentist and to take good care of their teeth.

It’s recommended to visit a dental clinic for the first time at 2 years old, when all the baby teeth have already come out. First to familiarize they with the environment, and to ensure that they come relaxed to visits, second because it’s very important to prevent, detect and treat caries in temporary pieces.

These have a very important role, it helps to maintain the space for the definitive teeth. If any piece is lost, there is a danger of collapse of the adjacent teeth, and consequently, malposition of the final teeth.

Baby dentistry

Oral health promotion begins already during pregnancy and in the first months of life where occurs the first contact with bacteria that later live in our mouth.

Working on prevention with parents at this early stage will be key to dental health for the rest of their lives.
It’s about your baby going to the dentist to never have caries, not to cure it.


Children are the most important thing for us.

Our Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist
will explain to your child how is going to feel
with a clear and simple language.



Thus the treatment will be done in a relaxed environment and in a painless and atraumatic way.

The goal is to make the visit to the dentist for children enjoyable and to minimize their caries.



For this we use the plan EME KIDS.

It’s a preventive and individualized protocol according to the risk of caries or trauma of each child.


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