Smile Digital Concept

A beautiful smile is one of the best personal presentations in our social, family and work relationships, smiling at ease and with confidence will strengthen your self-esteem and definitely give quality of life.

Today the digital smile design allows us to study and design the smiles of our patients in order to find the one they deserve.

Seeking harmony, balance and luminosity are the keys to a natural and beautiful smile

In our photographic studio we take all the photos and videos that we need and in a few days we show you our proposal to finish giving it a more personal touch.

Once decided, we get down to work to give you exactly what you want.

This video is a summary example of a complete process in a patient from our clinic

Choose the best version of yourself without complications

When a patient needs to improve their teeth and smile, we take photos, videos and models to present a digital simulation of their future smile. After this we make a real mock up of the teeth that we test directly in the mouth.

The patients can immediately experience the change, we re-register it in photo or video format so that they even have the possibility of subjecting it to evaluation by their family before starting the change.

The digital smile design is a very useful communication tool between the dentist and the patient and gives us a lot of security in our treatments, and it helps the patient to overcome fear of change because from the first moment we know what will achieve.