Crown on implants

The loss of a dental piece can not only be an aesthetic problem but also generate a more serious problem, a functional and support deficit that can damage the rest of the mouth over time and your general health due to poor chewing.

That’s why dental professionals strongly recommend the replacement of this missing tooth, even if it’s not seen. It’s uaually a very simple, painless and reliable procedure. The dental implant will replace the natural root of the teeth, and on it we can screw a ceramic tooth as aesthetic as the one you lost.

Cost is the only problem with dental implants, especially if we want to work with quality materials. At Clínica Dental Solé we bet on quality as if it were for ourselves, implants from leading brands that offer all the guarantees, biocompatible prosthetic materials and precision cad/cam technology. If cost is an issue, we look for financing solutions that can help you.