Invisalign - Invisible orthodontics

These are transparent and fully customized aligners, which the patient has to change every few weeks so that step by step the teeth are aligned. They must take a minimum of 22 hours a day to fix well the positions and only take them out to eat, so that neither diet nor dental hygiene are affected during treatment.

Before eating must be removed – in a simple way -, kept it in the box so it do not break or bend, and enjoy! There is no need to deprive yourself of anything during treatment, just remember to put them back after eating and after brushing your teeth.

To drink is not necessary to remove it, only if you take hot drinks such as coffee or tea, which due to heat can deteriorate the plastic, but for cold drinks we can take them with the aligners on without any problem.

Not notice

The aligners are made of a biocompatible and transparent plastic, half a millimeter thick.


Provides great discretion and comfort when wearing them. Virtually no one will notice that you wear orthodontia!.

Remove and put

Also the aligners are taken out just to eat and to brush your teeth.


That’s why Invisalign does not alter our diet nor does it harm our oral hygiene.

Shorter Treatment duration

Invisalig offers treatments from 3 months to 18 months depending on the type of dental malposition. Remarkably less time than with traditional metal brackets, which usually take about two years.


This greater speed to achieve the same objectives is due to the fact that with the invisalign aligners, the professional can transmit forces to move the teeth from infinite points.



Although each case is different, in general terms the reviews are monthly.

In each one of them, Dr. Sancho will assess the evolution of the teeth and whether the planned movements are being carried out.

If everything goes well, in each visit several sets of aligners will be given until the next visit.



It's important that you pamper your aligners as they are essential to successfully complete the treatment..

So whenever you take them off put them in their case and wash them before putting them back on.



Invisalign is a totally personalized treatment and has different options depending on the dental problem of each patient.

Their times range from just three months to 18 months , depending on the complexity of each case..