Teeth whitening has evolved throughout history, to become one of the most popular cosmetic available treatments.

In 3,000 BC rudimentary methods were already used chewing certain types of vegetables, which have evolved to this day with the use of various forms of peroxides.

Darkening and staining of the teeth are inevitable over time. Rejuvenating your smile, giving it light and maintaining or improving the white of your enamel is the goal of whitening. There are different ways to achieve this. The concept in all of them is the same, to apply a whitening product totally safe for your teeth.

But the way in which it is applied or the product concentration can vary the treatment time.

The two main systems are the Ambulatory that is done at home, and the Clinic.

In the Ambulatory system the patient for a few days, he/she applies the whitening product at home until the desired results are achieved.

While in the Clinic in a single session of 45 minutes you will see fantastic results.

ZOOM! Whitening

It’s a new and revolutionary teeth whitening system that is applied in the clinic.
In just 45 minutes you will get incredible results thanks to the most advanced Led technology.
It’s the Nº 1 whitening system in the United States.

It’s a simple and painless procedure. It consists of applying during three sessions in a row of 15 minutes each, a whitening agent that is activated with cold light. It’s completely risk free.

Almost anyone can benefit from tooth whitening. Of course there are many causes of tooth discoloration, and not everyone gets the same results.

Our Whitening Pack includes:
Teeth Whitening Zoom (duration: 45 min.)
Enamel cleaning and polishing

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