All-On-4™ its a revolutionary implant procedure currently considered one of the most advanced in this field.

As its name indicates, it’s based on replacing an entire dental arch, upper or lower, with 4 implants arranged in a specific way that gives the system sufficient strength to then screw the fixed prosthesis, without palate.
All-on-4™ therefore, it’s a fixed solution that restores the desire to eat and smile to patients.

Another great advantage is that it allows you to wear teeth from the surgery day with a feeling very similar to that of having your own teeth.


The esthetic and economic alternative that dental implants offer are overdentures.

With only two lower and four upper implants we achieve a retention of the full DENTURE, thus avoiding these uncomfortable movements that occur when eating or talking.

Our patients feel safe again with their dentures and a substantial improvement in their quality of life. It’s an easy and accessible treatment.

Fixed ceramic screwed prostheses

It is the most comfortable and highly aesthetic treatment of all implant treatments.

Usually with 6 screwed implants and a ceramic-metal structure at the gum level, we achieve a very high aesthetic, comfort and a feeling of having your own teeth again.

In these cases, the immediate loading or the teeth in a day usually complement the surgery since the stability provided by the implants allows us to give the patient the option of leaving with fixed teeth.