Amalgam replacement

Mercury is a toxic substance that is found many times in food and in environmental contamination. This metal is not eliminated from the body and therefore is accumulated to a greater or lesser degree over time, which can cause mercury poisoning.

The amalgams contains a part of mercury that is released throughout the life of the reconstruction. Although it are minimal amounts, are still a danger for people sensitive to this metal or who have had significant exposure to this substance.

The removal of amalgam from the mouth not only eliminates the risk of exposure to mercury, but also the amount of metal in the mouth that can interfere with the body’s energy fields.

Although its elimination is beneficial, it must be performed with all the guarantees to minimize the additional exposure of both the patient and the clinic staff, Our entire team is trained to exhaustively follow a safety protocol for both ourselves and our patients, in order to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Basic protection protocol

Steps that greatly reduce exposure to mercury: