Ceramic Veneers

Awesome smiles

If you have stained teeth, worn or a faded and aged smile, dental veneers are the perfect solution to achieve maximum aesthetics naturally and without almost touching your teeth.

It’s a minimally invasive treatment, that is, we prepare your teeth very little to be able to cement on them a very thin ceramic sheet with the color, shape and texture that we chose together during the previous process of study and design of that smile that you imagine, thanks to the protocol of Digital Smile Design or DSD.

We will always do a real simulation so that you can check the change before, and once your new smile is decided, we need two more visits that you can wear unique, personal and above all, natural teeth.


Porcelain or ceramic veneers require little maintenance as their color does not degrade due to the nature of their materials. This is a great advantage over resin veneers, which due to their characteristics require professional cleaning and polishing annually to recover shine and eliminate staining. Also, over time, the resin veneers wear out and will need to be replaced. Porcelain or ceramic should only be changed in case of fracture. Complication that happens very rarely and is usually due to accidental trauma.

Do you see it?

It shouldn’t be seen. Precisely, the value of this treatment is the ability to give your smile naturalness.
We have a team of highly specialized professionals and an exquisite aesthetic sensitivity that are our hallmarks.

Veneers frequently asked questions

What are dental veneers for?

Dental veneers allow us to mask aesthetic anomalies of teeth such as color, shape and size


What kind of patients require this dental veneer treatment?

Anyone dissatisfied with their smile can undergo an aesthetic treatment of veneers to be able to smile without complexes.

Generally the most frequent reasons why a person requests this treatment are:


  – Worn teeth.

  – Color changes: as bands caused by tetracyclines.

  – Shape alterations: closure of diastema, conoid teeth.

  – Small dental malpositions


Can I put on as many dental veneers as my mouth needs?

Because veneers are an aesthetic treatment, it are usually performed on teeth that are seen with the maximum smile.
It will depend on each patient.


At Clínica Dental Solé (CDS) we individualize your case and will propose a treatment according to your needs.


How is the color of the dental veneers?

The ultimate purpose of veneers is to restore aesthetics so that you can smile without complexes, for which we will advise you in choosing the color that best suits your smile. Whatever it is, the color must be natural and harmonious with your characteristics.
Until we find this naturalness we do not cement them or consider them good. Your satisfaction comes first.


How long do dental veneers last?

Obviously veneers are intended to be a definitive long-lasting treatment. We have patients with veneers over 10 years who have not undergone any changes and continue with them in the mouth but the duration of the veneers is influenced by several factors such as the patient’s bite, gum health, patient habits, enamel quality and bruxism. For this reason we cannot speak of a specific time.


Can dental veneers be detached?

With an adequate preparation of the tooth and a correct veneer adhesion technique, they should not fall, unless there are factors that favor their decrease, such as bruxism, accidental blows or traumas and fractures due to improper use of the teeth.


Do I have to have any special care with my dental veneers?

The most important attention is to have good oral hygiene, because this is the fundamental pillar for having a healthy smile.


It’s important to go to regular checkups to check the oral health status and if necessary, do a mouth cleaning.


"Nature gives us all the answers"

"I don't know how to define beauty ...
  but whenever I see it I know how to observe it"